Being Sick at College

Being Sick at College
So it’s my third year here at UAF and I have come to realize that I will get sick no matter what at least once every year… usually twice. I get sick with a runny nose and a semi-sore throat once during fall semester and then again during spring semester. It’s a pain but no matter how healthy I eat or how much Emergen-C I drink, I still get sick. Being sick in college without your mom to help you get better, make you chicken noodle soup and give you cold rags for your head is hard! Here are a couple tips to get you ready for being sick without your parents:

1. Stock up on the tissues (get the portable ones too!)

2. Grab some NyQuil and Ibuprofen
UAF is really close to a Fred Meyer and a Walgreens! There are city buses that stop on campus that could take you to Fred Meyer if you don't have a car.

3. Use the health services on campus.
UAF has a very accommodating health clinic that can provide flu shots, strep-tests, counseling, and emergency contraceptive (Plan-B). Here is the website for more info:

3. Ask for help from roommates and friends. 
Sometimes if they are awesome they will bring homework to your professors for you! Mine has done that a couple times!

4. Remember that you can stay home from class.
Email your professor and usually most of them are pretty chill about it. Please do not go to class and get everybody else sick. Sleep it off instead! Rest is the key to getting better.

5. Drink lots and lots of tea!
Throat Coat and lemon grass teas are my favorite for when I'm sick. Chamomile is also very good!

6. Drink WATER! stay hydrated. 
Fairbanks can be a very dry place and it is important to drink as much water as you can; it's even more important when you are sick.

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