A Little Bit About Me

To begin my story, I came from Saudi Arabia here to UAF. It was and still is a great experience. At first when started applying to universities, UAF was not in on my list. My dad was one who suggest UAF as an option to have. I applied and got in. Next thing you know I'm in the airport saying goodbye to my parents with a ticket to Fairbanks. My first layover was Amsterdam and then Seattle. I remember on the flight to Fairbanks, Alaska seeing some firefighters from UAF. And when flying over Alaska I saw how beautiful the state was. There were loads of mountains as far as the eye can reach.

When I first got here I felt eager and excited to be here. At the same time I felt a bit homesick because I realized I was about 7,000 miles away from home. This definitely has been a wild adventure for me living on my own. I have made loads of friends and continue to make even more. This will be my second year here at UAF and I'm really having a blast. I have adapted well and am enjoying the cold.


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