8 Things I Bring To Campus Every Day

1. Keys

Whether you live on campus or off, you probably have a door key of some sort. You might also carry around car keys, work keys, extra keys, random keys that you don't remember what they're for. No matter what keys they are, you sure don't want to forget them.

2. Water Bottle

Fairbanks is a dry place and it gets even drier when it's winter. All the moisture freezes and you find yourself constantly dehydrated. While I'm not a water snob, I will admit that the water from my cabin tastes better than the water on campus. So I bring my half gallon jug with me every day.

3. Phone

Though it's not a good idea to be texting in class or while driving, it is important to stay in touch with your friends, family, classmates, roommates, etc. If you're coordinating a ride or a study sesh, you may want your phone with you so you don't miss any messages.  

4. Chapstick

This is along the same line as the water bottle. It's so dry! With no moisture in the air, your lips easily become chapped. Find a good brand of chapstick and keep it in your pocket. You'll need it at some point.

5. Wallet

Of all the things on my list, I think this one might be the most important. I've forgotten my wallet at home before and missed out on coffee, grilled cheese, and a bag of chips because I had no money. I also couldn't get money from the ATM because my debit card was at home as well. I was unable to access the 24 hour study area due to a lack of UA ID card. I've learned my lesson and try to keep my wallet with me at all times. 

6. Charging Cords 

Because I use a flip phone as a phone and also have other devises I use for apps, I end up needing a variety of charging apparatus. You don't want to be in the middle of a text or snap and see that Low Battery warning, alerting you that you only have 10% remaining. 

7. Laptop

Useful for goofing off and homework! The ultimate tool of studying or distracting. I've used my laptop to access eTextbooks while in class, to submit online assignments, to email professors, to review powerpoints or lectures, to transfer money to my debit card, to make funny photoshop art, and so much more! Whatever you're using your laptop for, just be sure to not leave it behind. Just in case.  

8. Pencil/Pen

Even on days that I don't expect to be writing anything, I still try and carry a pen. I can't tell you how many times I've needed to write something down and not had a pen nearby. Sometimes you can get away with finding free pens or pencils throughout the day, but once you find a really good pen, no other pens will be the same.

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