5 Cheap Recipes For the Starving Student

Here is something I thought will be advantageous for all of us. And that is cheap, delicious meals we could make. As a starving college student, we all find alternative ways to get food in our system, and that could be unhealthy sometimes. I remember one night, my supper was a bag of chips. My moment I ate that last chip out of my bag, I felt the disappointment in myself. After that horrible night I found ways to eat healthier and cheaper.

Here are 5 easy recipes we all could make. All these recipes could be made in the dorms.

1.Hash browns- they are cheap and easy to make. And it's cheaper than a trip to Denny's.

2.Breakfast burritos- You can make these ahead for a quick breakfast using the microwave to heat it up.

3-Ramen- Ah yes, the famous food for a broke college student. I normally add a egg and some veggies to spice up  my ramen.

4-Hot Dog Egg Sandwich- You'll get a great amount protein and flavor in this sandwich. 

5. Cheap Chili- I would normally use a crock-pot to cook up some chili. Add your beef and other ingredients you would want and voila. 

And there you have it. 5 easy to make meals which are pretty cheap and healthy. 

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