11 reasons why you should consider living with your parents after high school

So you’ve graduated high school, huge kudos. I bet you’re wondering: What is the next step? Of course if you’ve arrived here and you’re reading this you want to go to college, but do you necessarily need to move out to do so? There is a huge misconception that after you graduate high school it is ideal to move into the dorms or have everything figured out for yourself financially but I’m here to debunk the myths. Believe it or not some college students still live at home and there is no real reason why you can’t keep that option open. Sure the dorm life is great, you have more access to other students, social events; the complete college experience however, commuting doesn’t necessarily  mean you're missing out, you are just experiencing college differently. Which is okay, every educational journey is supposed to be unique in the first place so remember to keep your eyes and options open.
  1. It’s cheaper
    1. because who doesn’t want to save money when you know just how expensive school can be.
  1. Free and Faster Wi-Fi
    1. There are hundreds of students logged onto your school wifi everyday, not only is it a little less secure than the one at home, the things you access should be filtered because you are accessing a public network anyways.
  2. Less Food Expense
    1. Food will be cheaper because even if you chip into buying it you won't spend nearly as much money as you would be feeding yourself. Plus don't forget those home cooked meals won't be too far from reach.
  1. You have time to manage your finances
    1. It is a little hard to understand the inner working of finances fresh out of high school especially when scary words like credit, student loans and taxes are talk amongst your fellow classmates, because your folks will be there to advise you along the way it will be a lot easier to turn to them to learn how to apply for funding and learn how to budget your money than it will someone who is your age with probably the same concerns that you currently have.
  2. You can have a pet
    1. Ever had to spot at home? Save yourself the peace of mind and your pet the separation anxiety, you might be busy but at least your furry friend will be close by when you are in need of comfort.
  1. Free access to the washer and dryer
    1. AND you can wash as much as you need without having to worry about someone else needing to use the washer.
  2. There are snacks, and a lot of them
  1. If you have to pay rent the price will be reduced
    1. because well, they love you.
  2. They have a furnished living space!
    1. Although home décor shopping is totally fun you could probably save it until you’re a little older and established because what is better than being able to decorate your own apartment!
  3. You won't have to say goodbye to half of your belongings.
  1. You know your roommates
    1. Even though parents can kind of be a drag you already know what to expect from them and their peeves, it's a lot easier than developing a fresh relationship with someone you don’t know too well.
Remember that no matter what you choose, commute, stay at home, or move into the dorms you are making a conscious adult decision. Be sure to explore your options and remember that there are plenty, no matter where you aim shoot straight and remember to keep your cool.

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