Winter is coming

It is nice and warm out and you are having fun exploring, hiking, biking, going for walks, whatever it is that you like to outside.  You go to bed and wake up the next day to a cool breeze, it seems much chillier than the day before.  Yesterday you were wearing a t-shirt and today you need a jacket.  You notice that the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors.  Throughout the next week you notice most of the leaves are on the ground already and by the end of that week the first frost hits.  It is time to pull out your ice scraper and clean your windshield off.  Winter is coming.

You notice that for some reason you are never actually warm, there is always some kind of chill running through your body.  The next couple days go by and nothing, no more frost, just more leaves falling from the trees.  You notice that the plants are not looking too happy anymore and that they are starting to lean over.  It feels like it is cold enough to snow but it’s not, it’s only 35°.  The Aurora is amazing during this time.  It is not too cold to not be able to tolerate standing outside to stare at the sky yet.  But it can’t stay that warm out forever.  The frost events start to occur more frequently.  One morning you wake up and can’t tell if it snowed or if the frost is just that thick. Winter is coming.

You decide to take out your warmer clothes and boots; the hoodies aren’t warm enough anymore.  Surprisingly, you still see people walking around in shorts and sandals.  They must have lived here their whole life.  You know that they must be cold though, maybe they are just trying to look tough.  You need to start waking up earlier just to let your car warm up.  This is especially hard since you are not a morning person anyways.  You notice that your lips are dry all the time and that everything you touch seems staticy.  Winter is coming.

The first big snowfall comes.  You have to pull out the shovel just to get your car out of the driveway.  You should have let your car warm up longer, it’s freezing.  You have to be careful driving since the roads are not plowed.  They also don’t use any salt to melt some of the snow and ice.  The roads always look like it just snowed 5 minutes ago.  You start to get excited.  Now you can go sledding and skiing and ice skating and snowboarding and dogsledding and snowshoeing and …….  The list goes on and on.  Although you might not be a comfortable temperature ever, there are so many things to keep you busy, inside and out.  It is starting to look like a winter wonderland, no wonder Santa’s house is only 15 miles away.  The sunlight is getting shorter and shorter each day as the darkness gets longer.  You notice less people outside and more people looking like marshmallows in all their winter gear.  It is going to be a long, but pretty and busy season.  Winter is here. 

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