What does it mean to be Naturally Inspiring?

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic Fall so far! Since my first day at UAF I've wondered what the great hashtag #naturallyinspiring means.

Now that I'm a senior this year I believe that I'm equipped and ready to explain this to somebody who might be wondering as well. I always like to say that my experience at UAF has been kind of like clay because I've been able to mold it into a variety of different ways. To me I feel naturally inspiring means to be adaptable to the ever changing phases of life that happen during college. Naturally inspiring to me brings me back to my first semester at Fairbanks where I had no friends and my RA shared with me ways to get involved. As I got more involved I noticed that I became more and more inspired to be actively involved with things on campus such as Business Leader of the Year and applying for a student job.

I think that it's up to each student, staff member and faculty to develop what naturally inspiring means to them whether its related to UAF or not. UAF community members and alumni are naturally inspiring all over the world. We have amazing athletes who are inspired day after day to do whats best for their team and their education. At the Student Recreation Center we have people who are inspired to make GAINZ in the gym, we have personal trainers who are amazing and inspire people to push themselves. On top of all of these we have amazing advisors in student support services, academic advising and within each school and college that are there to inspire students to stay resilient and stay diligent within their studies.

As a student ambassador, and as an orientation leader I've seen eager students both prospective and incoming students that are motivated and ready to learn and I believe that it where the journey to naturally inspiring starts.

My question to you is:

What does naturally inspiring mean to you?

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