Ways That You Are In Full-on School Mode

It is now midterms, and you definitely are in full-blown school mode now. And if you feel like that is not actually the case, here are some ways that will most likely prove to you that you are now in the spiral of the beginning of the end of the semester.

1. You probably have picked up a part-time job.

That being said, you are probably spending half of your time trying to make money and half of the time spending it on food or supplies for classes. And if you are one of the lucky ones that does not need a part-time job yet- you do not understand your luck- so focus on those classes!

2. You no longer care about how you look

You used to care about how you looked when you were going to classes, now you roll out of bed 30 minutes before class, grab a cup of coffee from Arctic Java and call it good to go.

3. You are doing all of your assignments the day before they are due

But that does not mean that you are not totally going to ace them, you just no longer have the time to do them a whole week in advance.

4. Your calendar are full of dates and deadlines for homework and exams

It now feels like a constant that you either have an exam or you are an assignment due almost everyday.

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