The Joys of a Pet Parakeet

Almost all animals are fantastic little creatures; full of energy, creativity, and the happiness that they bring to our lives. Did you know that almost 95% of pet owners (PR Newswire) also consider their pets to be part of the family? And of those pet owners, 45% of those say they have bought birthday presents for their pets. How marvelous!

Dogs and cats are great companions, but today I’m going to focus on the joy that parakeets bring to my life (and potentially could bring to yours as well!)

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       Parakeets can talk. That’s right! (Can your dog or cat do that? Didn’t think so!) Parakeets are very intelligent animals and can learn to speak what you teach them, mimicking words and phrases quite well. It is only male parakeets that can learn to talk; but even a female parakeet can tweet in your ear.

    Parakeets are great fun. They are social butterflies, and quite friendly little creatures. Adorning their cages with toys and bells will provide great entertainment for them. They especially like bells, carrots, explore hollow things, and chew on all jewelry if they can get their little beaks around them. They can even learn to do somersaults in your hand, dunk balls in a hoop and put rings on a peg among many other neat tricks.
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       Parakeets are great companions. These little birds will ride around on your shoulder and accompany you in everything: tweeting birdie secrets in your ear, chewing on your hair, accompanying you to Netflix movies, homework sessions and kitchen chores (as long as they don’t fly onto the griddle).

They live a long time. Parakeets can live 10 to 15 years with the right love and care. Therefore; they can be loving companions for many years of one’s life. A pint sized travel buddy; happy to accompany you wherever you go.
 Cheezburger page animal parakeet

Also: they are adorable, it is easier to legitimately feel like a pirate, they actually tweet (no social media savviness there), and last but not least,
they are man’s (real) best friend.

 I will be sure to post a couple photos of my parakeet Rosie so you can all cheer here on!

bird fancy rocking out parakeet

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