Play-Doh -- In college!

In my Anatomy and Physiology Lab the other day we got to play with Play-Doh! I haven’t played with Play-Doh since middle school and I totally forgot how fun it was.

It is a great tool for studying if you want to go out and buy some to make models with. In my lab we had to make a model of a sarcomere found in skeletal muscle. Here is a picture of it! My lab partner and I were very proud.

The pink Play-Doh is the myosin filaments and the blue are the actin and together, along with a whole bunch of different factors, make your muscles contract!

Anyways it was super fun and only the second time I’ve done this in a college class. The first time was in a genetics lab, which was not so much fun because trying to simulate recombination of chromosomes is complicated and hard to do with Play-Doh.

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