Happy (early) Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
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Well… Happy early Halloween everyone!

I AM SO EXCITED for this wonderful holiday of trick-or-treating, candy, and costumes. Therefore, today I will dedicate my entire blog post to this spooky tradition. Let me start by suggesting some good Halloween costumes. 

#1. Do not be Harley Quinn or the Joker if you don’t want to see 5 other people in the same room as you at all times wearing the same outfit (I do not even know who Harley Quinn is but I can assure you I have heard her name enough to know it will be mega-popular this year).

#2. I say bring the witch costumes back! I know it may not be the most original idea but I say, let’s bring an old tradition back. It will be so in this year! Suggested items: a broom, a witches hat, dark lipstick, a black cat, and a witchy attitude. 
No pun intended.
celebrate halloween

#3. Lady Gaga’s meat dress. (disclaimer: not intended for vegetarians/vegans). Suggested items: Tie dyed white fabric with red bacon-colored dye), wrap shoes in meat-colored fabric as well, extravagant blonde wig, and nonchalant attitude.)

lady gaga gaga iconic mother monster mtv vmas

#4. Jackie Kennedy costume. Intended especially for history lovers/ if you’re favorite color is pink. Suggested items: Pink buttoned formal dress with good texture, pink bonnet hat, pink lipstick, blush, white Michael Jackson-ish gloves, high heels, short brown wig, smirk on face.
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#5. Pumpkin. Suggested items: The color orange. Lots of it. Suggested ways to channel your inner pumpkin: Spray tan (no offense if you do this, I do this myself and I get the occasional pumpkin comment and take it with pride), orange paint, literal pumpkins carved in the middle so one can fit limbs inside, etc.

halloween the office pumpkin dwight schrute i mean the pumpkin should rot off in a month or two

#6. Oscar the Angry Trash Monster from Elmo. Suggested items: A metal trash can with no bottom (so you can fit inside), lots of green fur, bushy brown eyebrows, bulging eyes, green face paint, a sign that says “No trick or treaters”, and a playful but sour attitude.
Image result for oscar angry trash monster

#7. Wilson the volleyball and Tom Hanks from Castaway movie. Suggested items: Everything in this picture. (I promise if you do this one you will be the stars of the show!)

Image result for wilson volleyball castaway costumecast

#8. Elvis. This would make a fantastic costume! Suggested items: Lots of hair gel with black wig, a microphone or mini guitar, side burns, bedazzled white jumpsuit, etc.
elvis presley

These are just some starting ideas! There are hundreds more! The Beatles, Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, etc etc! Get out there and be creative. And last but not least…

Trick or Treat! 

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