10 College tips for the successful soul

  1. Get a planner, use your planner
    1. You know that little book that you never use that could be really helpful? It's time to whip it out. Contrary to millennial belief, planners can contain a lot of useful information. The majority of planners also come equipped with a contact and notes section as well so you can always have a hard copy of important numbers (for your resumes sake).
  2. Set a definite alarm for sleeping and waking up on the weekdays, no exceptions
    1. We pride ourselves on being night owls as if it is a serious accomplishment but cramming late at night before an exam is not worth the lack of sleep or the amount of stress that you will experience the following morning. Let's put becoming a grouch beside us and invest ourselves in some good sleeping patterns. If you seriously need time to tweak your course work set your morning alarm a few hours earlier so that you can power through the finishing touches or review bright and early.
  3. Turn your phone off an hour to thirty minutes before bed
    1. The light emitted from our favorite technological tools actually suppress the production of melatonin which is the hormone responsible for the regulation of our sleep and wake cycle. I know it seems like the college thing to do, however staying up super late actually hurts you more in the long run. Make sure to say your nightly goodbyes early because sleep is precious, you will thank yourself later.
  4. Collect business cards
    1. When you come across an important person let's say your supervisor or maybe a potential future letter of recommendation, snag a card and store in your wallet. It’s really helpful to have that information at your fingertips instead of having to ask your boss what their job title is because you should probably know.
  5. DO NOT study with friends
    1. Your pals are great of course, but it's crucial to set aside and distinguish between social hours and study sessions.
  6. Space out your coursework
    1. Even if you have a deadline that is a ways away, working little by little will help you retain the information better and lighten your load when the deadline is actually near by. Less stress before due dates is the best way to keep your cool.
  7. Exercise
    1. A little bit of recreation goes a long way when it comes to your stress levels. Moving more, more often is more beneficial than cranking it out at the gym a few times a week. Try to get some sort of physical activity everyday, whether it's light jogging or a quick yoga session every little step is still a step towards a larger goal.
  8. Update your resume regularly
    1. It is easier to jot down entries in your resume when they are fresh in your mind just so that you won't have to log months later and you cannot exactly recollect the exact information that you need. Your resume is your bestfriend in the adult world. Familiarize yourself with taking pride in it's appearance and upkeep, you can ask your supervisor to review it for you for accuracy.
  9. Print out your schedule (or make one)
    1. Keeping a hard copy of the places you are supposed to be helps when each new semester starts. Keep one in whatever folder you carry during the week and a copy posted in your living space just so that you always know where you need to go and anyone important that may live with you will know your schedule as well.
  10. Don’t forget to have fun!
    1. Getting grade grades and stay organized are important but don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourself also. Make sure to take brain breaks from homework and stretch your legs, do a social session to catch up with friends, go out to eat, find new things about yourself to love and explore as much as possible. This is the biggest growth spurt of your life so don’t take yourself too seriously, just be serious enough to find a balance between work and play everyday.


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