Word on the Street: UA Scholars

Lately I have been very interested in the opinions of other students and faculty. This blog series is a recording of that. This interview was done in a digital response format.
Amy Bristor is the Student Admissions COunselor for UA Scholar students. This is a big job that she loves to do. http://www.uaf.edu/admissions/counselors/

What is your name?
Amy Bristor
What’s your favorite game or TV series?
What advice would you give yourself as a freshman?
Treat school like a job.
What’s the coolest thing about UAF?
The community of individuals.
How did you feel at UAF on your first day here?
Very confused and in a daze. I wish that I had attended orientation, which wasn't mandatory when I came here.
What can you not live without at UAF?
Wood Center
Where are you from?
What do you think about the new Tobacco Free policy?
Conflicted - I don't want to walk through a cloud of smoke like the next person, but I think we could've compromised to have a designated smoking area.
Where is a place you want to visit?
Iceland, Australia, and New Zealand
What's your favorite thing you’ve done at UAF?
Help students discover all UAF has to offer.

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