Fun at Skiland

I thought when I came from Montana to Fairbanks, downhill skiing would be entirely traded for cross country skiing. There aren't any mountains close by, I thought. There is no way skiing up here, with such a lack of double black diamond runs, would be a good way to pass my time. I couldn't have been more wrong!

I visited Skiland one Saturday in mid February with my friend. She wanted to try out her snowboard and I figured it would be good to visit the place since I've never been before and the sun was shining brighter than any other day of the winter.
We left campus on a sunny day. The temperatures were above 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

We packed our things and drove up. Skiland is about 40 minutes away from Fairbanks, which is extremely convenient for those wanting to get out of town, but don't have all weekend to drive. The parking area and lodge are situated on top of  Cleary Summit. I've never been to a ski area where you ski down first, and then ride the chairlift. The views were stunning!

Here is the view from the parking lot. Off to the left is the rental house.
 I was able to rent gear and purchase my ticket for under $70, which is much cheaper than many large resorts. A discount is offered for anyone with a UAF Polar Express Card as well.
The view from the rental house is awesome.
I was ready for ice coated slopes and chattering skis, but the snow conditions were smooth and much softer than I had expected . We had fun skiing and boarding into the bowl after warming up on the many flatter runs. This ski area is great for freshening up at the beginning of the season, but offers a bit of tree skiing and rocky areas for those who have more aerobatic skill than myself. I got back into the swing of things after a season away from skiing in no time. Whether a beginner or expert, Skiland has a variety of terrains to offer you.
Skiland has the "farthest north chairlift in America"! The lift was also fairly windy that day.
At lunch time, we went into the cozy cafeteria area and ordered delicious hot sandwiches and chili. They also have tea, coffee, and a variety of sweets and snacks. I enjoyed the cozy cabin feel of the place. It was very unique and down to earth.
I posed like a cool cat.
 We hit the slopes until about about 5 P.M. Skiland is open until the sun sets, so there is plenty of time for a full or half day of runs. I had a fantastic time out on the slopes with my friend. The owners and employees were very nice, and the ski area itself is unique due to it's atmosphere and setup.

If you want to learn more about Skiland, visit their website here. I might see you out on the slopes the next time I visit Skiland!

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