Navigating UAF Websites & Resources

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student at UAF, you're going to want to understand where to go online to find the information and resources you need. Here we'll cover a few of the most important things you'll need to know about.

We'll start simple, the main University of Alaska Fairbanks website. This is the main hub from which all of the following sites and resources can be found. I highly recommend exploring every nook and cranny of the website and get an idea of what is available to you (hint: there's always a lot available to you).

A recent addition of the UAF website is our new fancy virtual tour! Just click the big "Launch Virtual Tour" link and start looking around!

Chat With Admissions:

Let's say you have a specific question about UAF but are not able or willing to walk into the admissions office to ask it. The UAF admissions page has a neat little feature in the bottom right called Zopim chat. It's an embedded chat system built into the admissions website. Click on the bar, give your name and your email address, and start chatting with actual admissions staff! Ambassadors like myself are often able to chat with you as well using this feature.

UAF Ambassadors:

The UAF ambassadors are a group of student volunteers (myself included) who are devoted to helping both prospective and current students by giving them the information they need about college life at UAF. From this page you can click on any of our faces and read about us, our story, and our majors. You can also send us a message if you have any questions.

From here you can also find our blog (which you are probably reading this on right now)! It's:

Apply / Manage Your UAF Account:

If you are a prospective student, UAOnline is the place you go to apply. As an aside, instructions on applying can be found here:

Once you've applied and have been admitted, UAOnline becomes the place where you can manage every aspect of your student account. UAOnline is where you can apply for financial aid, sign up for classes, make payments, view/order transcripts, and much more.

Find Contact Info:

Is there a particular person or department at UAF that you need talk to but you don't know their contact information? The UAF people page will help. Try searching for "Computer Science Department" :). The people page replaces an older system called EDIR (, but both pull information from the same place.

UAF Login Information:

If you ever forget your UA login information (username, ID, password, etc.), you can use ELMO (easy login maintenance option) to recover that. It requires that you know a few things like the last four digits of your social security number, but hopefully you know that!

OrgSync is a new third-party campus engagement network that allows UAF students to organize! It's the new defacto way for UAF to officially manage things like students clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations have their own pages, and there are a variety of tools and resources they can use to make their lives better. You also don't need to be a UAF student to sign up either, so you can participate without a UA ID! If you have a UA ID, you should use that to sign in. Find a club that you might be interested in!

UAF has a variety of social media. If you're interested in connecting with UAF that way, find your social media platforms of choice and like/follow/subscribe!

UAF is all over the web, and there's a lot more out there than I've listed here. Hopefully you now have a good idea of where to start looking.

As always, you can contact the admissions office or any of the ambassadors and we'll help you find what you are looking for!

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