Halloween is Coming

Halloween has been a big thing for me ever since I was a little kid. Starting from when I was a baby all the way up until now I dress up for Halloween. At first when I was younger my parents would choose the costumes for me, but as I got older I wanted to choose the costumes myself. And even now I like to dress up and be creative! We all know we're in college, but it's definitely not a baby thing to do to dress up. It's fun and stress-relieving, especially around this time in the semester.

Every year at UAF we have Halloween-related activities the week leading up to Halloween day. It's called "Freak Week." The activities vary from pumpkin carving to watching scary movies in the Hess Rec, all leading up to the Boogaloo Bungalow dance. I have been to the dance every year since my freshman year and it has always been fun for me. I personally believe it's the largest dance we have at UAF all year, so don't miss it! Also, if you live on campus and are trying to figure out what to do before the dance, there is the opportunity to give out candy to kids in the MBS complex!

Of course, if you are over 21 there are things to do on campus for you as well. The UAF pub has costume contests every year the night before and the night of Halloween. If you are ready for the competition, get it on (the costume, that is)! During those nights there is music too!

No matter what you decide to do on Halloween, be safe! If you find yourself or your friends in trouble, remember that UAF police is a short phone call away. Their number is 907-474-7721. Other than that, Halloween is meant to be fun. So enjoy it! Then as soon as the weekend ends we can all go back to school and finish off the second half of the semester with a refreshed feeling!

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