Give It That Good Old College Try

I promise you, if you haven't heard that phrase once in your life, you will here soon. It might not even make any sense yet, but if your mom looked over your shoulder, she just might have chuckled. Giggled. Guffawed. Giving it that college try is the general way of saying giving something your best try, even if it's a little crazy or difficult. To me, giving college that college try is to try to do your best and be your best at college. That you should try something you haven't tried before. Join a club. Take a class... dun... dun. Daaahhh.. NOT in your major!! I think the modern, semi-over frequently used term is: YOLO (You Only Live Once). This is my "Ol' College Try" Story, when I tried a class not in my major and *whispers* and I liked it.  
I'll be honest. When I walked onto campus for orientation I knew I'd be weird. I was homeschooled, and worse, I didn't have a single idea what I wanted my major to be. I had dozens of interests, but when applying there's not an option for "I Don't Know Yet". UAF had an awesome listing though, General Studies, which is what I ended up selecting. Perfect! I did like a lot of different stuff so that was perfect, but I thought I'd be a loner in that category. No way! I think there were about 30 of us that grouped up. A few split off to maybe join a group they were considering, but students like me stuck it out.  
I think it was about halfway through my first semester I wanted something fun to do, so I decided that doing one art class my next semester wouldn't hurt me if I wanted to Stay On Track, so I signed up for Intro to Drawing, the prerequisite for most other art classes. 
The more time I spent in that class the more I enjoyed it. In combination with taking an Intro to Business class (very helpful for those in any degree field), I finally decided to apply to be an Art Major with a Marketing Minor.  
My recommendation? Go for it! Even if you want to Stay On Track and finish in four years, feel free to take some "different" classes your first few semesters. You might find something you enjoy even more, or maybe something to make as a hobby. 

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