Crazy Weather!

Fairbanks can be known for it's unpredictable weather. With 20 degree changes during the day sometimes, you'll have to be prepared with various outfits!
Recently, there has been quite a lot of snow fall. One moment it may seem like a blizzard outside, then clear skies. After continuous snowing though, we have managed to accumulate over a foot of the fluffy white magic. Crews can always be seen working to clear the sidewalks and stairs, but it can be hard to keep up with the new snow layers that are added. Plenty of snow is compacted though, leaving icy sidewalks, so you best watch your steps! If you happen to have an early class like myself, you might have to "break trail" to make it to your class. It took us a little longer than normal, and was tougher in some areas that had much thicker snow than others, but we made it with one minute to spare.

Lots of students have broken out their cross country and down hill skis. There are some areas on campus where you can do a little bit of downhill skiing, and when the terrain park opens that is a pretty popular place. The trail system on campus has miles of groomed and ungroomed trails for those who love skate and classic cross country skiing. We also have the sledding hill, right next to the Student Recreation Center. Some students even like to ski to class, and yes, they actually ski.

The snow stopped falling yesterday, and may continue, but the temperatures have dropped immensely. Going from 25 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, today is a chilly 3 degrees Fahrenheit. The next few days are supposed to be in the single digits, going below zero at night! Whenever you  wake up in the morning and are getting ready to head outside, make sure to check a weather app for the temperature outside. It may look like a clear sky and sunny, but the reality is much different. I had to learn that the hard way a few times....but it keeps you on edge!

It's important that you wear proper clothes as it gets colder though. Especially when it is -20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder, frostbite can happen in only two minutes. Hypothermia also comes quick, and you may not even realize it. Wearing multiple layers, or larger jackets, real pants (not just leggings), and hats are important. Face masks are necessary when the temperature drops more.

Me getting my freeze on!

And if you have a car, make sure to plug it in! Many people have dead cars in the Spring or cars that just won't start during the winter because the engine and fluids are too cold. Under 20 degrees, make sure to care for your car.

Enjoy our crazy weather!

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