Being the Nook

What it's like to be the school mascot for your college. 


Well honestly I've always wanted to be a mascot. Not to be able to wear the presumably stuffy over-sized suit, but to act however goofy I wanted. Who doesn't want to take pictures with everyone and dance around all the time?
You ever see a mascot dance and want to join in? You ever see a random person dance and want to join in? Exactly. If a person is wearing a giant furry head, they automatically become the life of the party. 
School pride coupled with anonymity and flashiness, sounds like my idea of a fun time.


Outfit consists of 1 body suit with tummy padding, 2 foot covers, 2 3-fingered paw gloves, 1 hockey jersey, and 1 polar bear head.

What I wore under: t-shirt, leggings (thicker than I would wish), socks, and boots.

Getting ready: Well this suit was definitely made for a taller person. I have to roll up the legs so they don't look so scrunched. And the arms are too long too. Getting a little hot already with the extra tummy padding, mascots are supposed to be huggable I suppose, but it seems bearable.
The last part is the head, and I needed assistance with that because there's flaps to tuck into the hockey jersey I'm also wearing. Like I would be cold. The head has this contraption helmet-like-thing to position it on you without your head hitting the top. This would be a lovely invention if I was the right size. Because of my height and general smallness, the the head rests on me the bottom hits my shoulders and the helmet part doesn't fit correctly, On a positive note, the suit is not smelly!

Here we go!
5 Mins in: This is fun! The suit is fluffy and the head fits weird, but not bad. Waved at some people, walked around, took a photo with a lady. Successful mascot accomplishments.

15 mins in: Wow I'm hot. Maybe I'll walk outside for some colder air. Nope, doesn't help, there's no breeze, guess I'll go back inside. My hair is getting sweaty and moving in front of my face. Help I can't use my hands to move it away. Got more high-fives and a few hugs, still being a mascot.

30 mins in: I need to get out. Out out out of this suit. At least take the head off. I need to breath normally and get some air! Right now I can feel the sweat running down my back (sorry but it's true). I'm sweaty and I want a shower. I've resorted to using the cheeks on the inside of the head to try to move my hair out of the way. It's not working.

Took a break after 30 mins - Took off the gloves, the head and took off my boots. Man, now I know why these are worn at hockey games!

Back out!: Now it's photo taking time! This is the part of the mascot job I am excited for! There is a photo station set up with lights and props, and the mascot for some school pride. Some people were happy to take a photo and hold props, others where in a sense dragged over by me to be in a photo. Great thing about being the mascot, it's hard to argue with them when they come up and grab your arm and start walking towards the photo booth.
"This was the part of the mascot job I had expected. The dancing, the pictures, the mascot rights to make people do what you want. Yeah, because of this photo shoot and the people, it made it worth it."
The last hour of being the mascot was much easier than my first 30 minutes. Maybe the photo area was cooler than the rest of the Wood Center or it was because I wasn't moving around so much, or I was just distracted by all the people and poses to make.

As a mascot, you're not supposed to talk. And not being able to talk is difficult. Especially if you're in an over-sized hot and sweaty polar bear costume.

After photo

In the end


  • Being able to dance around all the time
  • Hug are never denied
  • Everyone always smiles at you
  • In every photo!
  • Got to practice for charades


  • Hot and sweaty
  • Uncomfortable
  • Can't speak

Worth it? Definitely.

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