Alaska: Where Your Sense of "Normal" Will Change

Alaskans aren't your typical type of people.
Photo by Deanna D Knutson
For example, they like to do yoga in the snow

Photo by Deanna D Knutson
Here in Alaska, temperature is just a number. Whether it's 100F or -20F, Alaskans will be outside taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors.

Photo by Deanna D Knutson
People do go out and enjoy the -40F temperatures too, but only for short periods to jump out of their car and snap a photo at the UAF sign.

Photo from UAF Staff Report
Every year once the temperature gets at least below -35F people are out there is all sorts of clothes, or lack thereof, posing and freezing their butts off.

People partake in activities like the Polar Plunge, an event where people fund raise and once they have enough, they jump into a big hole cut out of a lake.
Photo from Pete
Or they participate in the Slush Cup at Alyeska ski resort

Photo credit to Lisa Gill004

Because here in Alaska, when the whether gets cold it doesn't mean you have to come indoors, it just means you do something different. Like apparently wear less clothing. 

Photo by Deanna D Knutson

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