Transitioning from a Homeschool High School to UAF

My name is Agnes and I moved to Alaska from Central Texas in 2008. My family and I got to Fairbanks just in time to watch the Beijing Olympics. That year I was signed up as a student at IDEA, the Interior District of Education in Alaska. IDEA is one of the homeschooling options in Interior Alaska that helps homeschooling families get anything they need to learn and graduate with a high school diploma.
During my senior year, there was a Guide to College lecture session early that Fall available for all high school students through IDEA. It included how to apply and take the SAT and/or ACT, how to apply for scholarships, the differences between grants and loans, and other helpful information. Most importantly there was a representative from UAF named Aaron. He was passionate about UAF and he told us why. He got his degree at UAF too! That helped me to finally decide to apply only for UAF.
Transition forward and I’m at UAF. Act and SAT taken, acceptance letter received and orientation all in my past! In high school, as I’m sure is normal for other homeschoolers, the largest class I have been in had 7 other students from different families for a co-op Chemistry class. Now, on average, I am in class sizes of around 20-30. I don’t get to take my time drinking coffee in the morning because I have to drive from North Pole to get to class.
The great thing about being homeschooled and now going to college, in person, is the surprise on people’s faces. I love it when they find out, this chatty personable person, was homeschooled. They’re surprised when I have friends, and I’ve been called more than once the “Social Butterfly” because of the amount of other homeschoolers I see around campus going between classes.
The best thing for any homeschooler to do is prepare yourself, hang out with friends in high school, get to know the other students that will be graduating your year though things one of the clubs or at the curriculum fair. Knowing those faces when you get to campus makes you feel at home. The helpful professors and schedule made for you is just another perk!
Homeschooler or not, feel free to leave a question in the comments and I will try to answer in my next post!

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