Midterm Mania

It's about that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, and every single professor has announced an upcoming exam. All I can think is:

Nobody enjoys midterms. There are good midterms (easy, short, ones I'm well prepared for) and sometimes there are bad midterms (OH MY GOD I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING). We all go through it. The important thing to know is that there are ways to avoid bad midterms. It isn't by taking all easy classes--that's no way to get a degree! It's by finding resources available that will help you kick butt. Here at UAF, there are so many different ways to find help preparing for exams. 

The first resource any student should look to is their professor/TA. They want to see you succeed, and are really happy to go over subject material. Usually the professor (and often, the TA) will have posted office hours in the syllabus. If you can't make that time, just email them and set up sometime to meet. It's a great way to figure out the subject and get to know a professor at the same time!

Another resource from the classroom is Supplemental Instruction. This is a program offered through the Academic Advising Center that offers a student-led study group. The leader is someone who has taken the class before and received a B or better, and are sitting in on the class in order to provide the best study help possible. The SI leaders make learning the material way more manageable--and fun!

There are also a ton of tutoring services on campus. Have a huge paper? The Writing Center is here to help! They'll look over a paper (be it rough draft or final edition), and give feedback on how to improve it. There's also the Math Lab to help you get the gist of anything from pre-algebra to differential equations. UAF offers a Speaking Center to practice speeches and presentations. 

Are you from a rural area? Do you qualify for a TRiO program? No need to feel

There's a program for you! UAF offers Student Support Services  if you're a first generation college student, have a documented disability, or are low income. They have tutoring services dedicated to helping you succeed. There's also Rural Student Services, for those not from largely populated areas, which also has dedicated tutoring services.

Last, but certainly not least, you can always form your own study group! Who knows? You could become

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