Humans VS Zombies: A Campus-wide Game of Tag

One of the most fun things that UAF does for it's students is moderate a campus wide game of tag. Yes I know, tag seems so middle school but seriously this is the most fun thing ever! What makes this tag game different? Well let me tell you!

1. There are two sides; Humans and Zombies.
The game starts with 2-3 original zombies that do not have to identify themselves as a zombie for the first 24 hours of the game. Humans that are playing are very wary about walking next to anyone during the first day. If a Human gets tagged by a zombie, then they turn into one themselves and can start tagging others. If you're a zombie you have 2 days to "feed" or else you become a corpse and can no longer participate during game play. There is no winning in this game. The goal for the humans is to last as long as they can and for the zombies it's to "eat" as many humans as they can. Humans wear orange arm bands and zombies wear orange head bands.
Photo Credit: UAF Humans Vs. Zombies Community

2. This is a week long event with various missions in between.
This year game play started on September 27th and ended on October 3rd. 15 out of 200+ humans survived the week. Missions for Stem-Packs and Cures were held throughout the week. Cures could revive a human and Stem-Packs could heal yourself if you got tagged.
Photo Credit: Frederica Matumeak

3. All of this is going on while school is in session. When you enter a building you are deemed safe. and the game stops. You cannot be pursued in a building. Stairs and any mode of transportation are also safe zones.
Photo Credit: Frederica Matumeak

4. Probably the coolest part about this game is that we can use Nerf guns! To stop a zombie from tagging you, you can either throw a sock at him or her (a clean pair!) or you can shoot them with Nerf darts. If a zombie gets hit, it is stunned for 15 minutes during normal game play or 5 minutes during missions. They have to pull their head bands down around their necks as a sign that they are stunned.
Photo Credit: Bayli Mohl

Sounds fun right?

Being A Human: This game can get quite exhilarating while you're a human. Your goal is to not get tagged but you still have to get to class. So you end up planning routes to get to the buildings and escape routes for when you have to get back to the dorms. Leaving early is your best bet. Never leave during passing because thats when the most zombies are out! Travel in groups if you have to get somewhere with heavy zombie traffic. The Gruening building is the most crowded area and it is heavily advised that you do not try to enter or leave the building without a group equipped with socks and Nerf guns. This game is also a great way to meet new people. I don't know what it is but running away from a hoard of zombies builds bonds between people.

Being A Zombie: BRAINS!!! Urg blug...grrr! Just kidding, I'll speak in english! Being a Zombie is really fun as well. There's not as much paranoia walking to class and you get to see the look on a humans face when they run into you unexpectedly. Quite a funny sight to see! The cool thing about these zombies is that they also travel in groups. A group formation is the best way to take down a pack of humans.

Probably the most important thing to remember about this game of tag is that we are all here to have fun. Some can take the game way too seriously and spoil the great times but when everybody is working together, either to escape a tag or "feed" on a human, the game works really well. Like I said there is no winning in this game. Everybody's a winner!

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