Having A Car; Is It Worth It?

So you think you want to own a car.

Don't worry this isn't actually a picture in Alaska


Can travel any where you want!
  • Go to the store any time.
  • Drive to hockey games at the Carlson Center.
  • Visit the movie theater.
  • Relax in Chena Hot Springs.
  • Have the freedom to roam around Fairbanks.
If you live off campus it can make the commute easier by always having a ride.


Having to purchase parking permit
  • Single Vehicle Decal – Registers one vehicle for parking at any UAF facility 
  • Semester decal is $41 for 8 or less credits. (FPDG) 
  • Semester decal is $78 for 9 or more credits. (FPDF) 
  • Annual Parking Decal is $143. (FPDA) 
Need to winterize the car so you can use it when it's cold out
  • Install a battery blanket or other warming device
  • Install a oil heater
  • Install a block heater
  • Invest in some studded tires (be conscientious regarding the laws on when studded tires are allowed, usually must be removed between May 1 and September 15 of each year)
You'll have to deal first hand with the snow. Make sure you purchase a window scraper and brush to clear off your car, you're going to need it. Something else to consider if you've never had to deal with snow before is that after a snowfall or a cold night, you're going  to have to add an extra 5-15 minutes just devoted to making your car road worthy again.

*All winterizing is suggested to be done once you get to Fairbanks. Yes it may cost more to do up here, and auto shops at home may know what they are doing, but Fairbanks is much colder than what they might expect. The auto shops in town know how to properly prepare your car for Fairbanks weather.*

Purchase an extension cord with a light-up end to check if it's plugged in and there is power.
Allocate an additional 10-15 minutes to your daily routine after a snowfall to clear off your car. 
Always have an ice scraper/brush in your car to remove snow and frost.

Here is a link to a more comprehensive winterization guide.

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