Aurora Aerial Arts

“There are a lot of clubs at *insert prospective school here*!”
Something you’ve most likely heard from any school ever. Trying to get new students interested in their school by promoting their student led programs to help people get involved.

Well the University of Alaska Fairbanks has 162 different active clubs this year. Yes one hundred and sixty two. No, you can’t find that pretty number anywhere, I counted.

Some of the 162 clubs on campus include language clubs such as the Spanish Club, the Russian Language Club, and the Japanese Club. Some clubs are more business/real-world focused clubs such as the Associated Students of Business (ASB), or Native Alaskan Business Leaders (NABL). Others can offer a new experience like learning to knit with the Frozen Fibers Club, learn to salsa at the Latin Dance Club, or say, learn what it feels like to be suspended 15 or so feet in the air doing drops and looking pretty while wrapped up in silks.

Aurora Aerial Arts is that type of club.

But don’t worry, when you start out you’ll only be a few feet or less off the ground.

Come flex, fly, and have fun with Aurora Aerial Arts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks! This is a UAF student run group that practices the art of Aerial apparatus (silk, ribbon, tissue, fabric, etc.).

Don’t get scared off by the photo though, that was our Spring Fest performance, and you do not have to be able to do that when you first try it out. Trust me, that move takes a little while to learn.

Aurora Aerial Arts, or Silks Club for short, meets two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 in the SRC studio. It is open to UAF students, staff, and faculty for come try out, and no experience necessary. Also can’t forget it’s free to try.

Just to give a little sample of what Aurora Aerial Arts is and what you can do, here are some of the moves you can learn.


Peter Pan


 Hip Key

Candy Cane Roll-up

Rebecca Stag

And of course the beautiful splits 

But don't worry, they don't have to be perfect J

The Possibilities are Endless
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