All that Midterm Stress and Hopefully a Little Relief

So yea....If you are a student right now, this is probably around the time you may be going through the crucible.

All of the classes conveniently decide to have a test around the same day and you realize you have to master the past month of material for each class in the next few days.

It's hard. There is no sugar coating that, but you will feel amazing once it's all done, and it'll so be worth it.

My advice is to form study groups with people you work well with, make sure to get enough sleep because an all-nighter won't help as much as a good nights sleep will.

Talk to the teacher, get an old exam if you can to see how they test. Review all your quizzes and homework and you should have a good idea of whats going on.


Calm down, breathe, and remember that you are smart, and you can do this. It's not always as bad as you may make yourself believe so just calm down and try to relax. To that end here a bunch of cool textural photos that I hope can provide you with a little peace and serenity.

Just remember you aren't alone 

You have people to help get you through all of this 

The journey ahead may be taxing 

But the adventure is just beginning

And the road may be treacherous 

But just remember it isn't all black and white 

There is beauty and joy to be found even in the toughest of times  

So just remember to chill 


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