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We knew it was coming... 

Yep, it's that time of year where suddenly we have to plan out what we are doing for the next year. 

It's the time to figure out which classes to take, what times you want to get up in the morning, which teachers you have an option of, and if you want to add anything fun to the mix. 

So step 1:
Contact your advisers and make an appointment if you already haven't.

Step 2:
Talk with them and have them help you plan out which classes you should take. 

Step 3: 
Get them to sign your registration form and take it to either the registration office or give it to the necessary person in your department. 

Step 4:
Log on to UAonline and register for your classes. 

Seriously that's it.   

Now maybe you think this advice is unnecessary, maybe you want to wait and do it later....
I mean it will probably be fine... I'm sure there is still that one calc 2 class open at 8am. I'm sure none of the classes that still have open sections are going to conflict with each got dis....

But instead of getting this teacher...

You might end up with this teacher......

Trust me I can confirm that this has happened to me....

So my advice is to get your classes as soon as possible if you haven't already. 

Just don't be this guy.... 

So get your classes together, get your semester in check. And I wish you a very

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