A little beauty in all the cold

Now this past week the temps have chilly and the weather has been nippy, but that shouldn't discourage you from having some fun and doing a little exploring. After all, the frost on the trees makes for some rather beautiful pictures especially around 2am.

Now one of the other really cool (if you'll forgive the horrible pun) aspects of living in Fairbanks is a fascinating process  that happens when thermometer drops. That little beauty is called the point of homogeneous nucleation and is the product of the air being immensely cooled.

Without getting into too much of the more complex aspects of the process, it basically results in parts of the air going into a crystalline phase. This is what people commonly refer to as an "ice fog" and while this does make for some interesting driving conditions it also leads to some rather whimsical pictures.

Now of course the weather is warming up and we have a whole other realm of exploring to do, but don't discount those cold spots. They have a little beauty all to their own. 

Just remember to take a little time to appreciate the beauty around you,

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