The Circus is at UAF!

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Gymnasts, Aerial Artists, and Acrobats galore:
If you're like me and have ever had the distant (or maybe not-so-distant) dream of running away and joining the circus, then UAF is the place for you! You can put that running away bit to the side for a few more years, though, because all of our circus groups meet right here, on campus, in our very own Student Recreation Center (SRC). So, whether your end goal is to be an aerial performer in Cirque du Soleil, an acrobat on America's Got Talent, or a contortionist in Las Vegas, come check us out!

Aerial Silks
See them flying, soaring, gracefully twisting and turning between two streams of silk. But don't just sit back and watch, there is no better time than now to join them! As the saying goes here at UAF: "there's a club for that." Our Aurora Aerial Arts club was founded just last school year, but since then it has become quite the hit on campus. Students from all walks of life, study interests and skill levels are invited and encouraged to take part; this club turns absolutely no one away. They meet twice a week in the dance studio of the SRC (Monday & Wednesday, 8 - 9:30pm). Stop by and learn the basic locks, knots, and seemingly impossible moves; or if you are a veteran of the arts, come hone your skills, spread your knowledge and even choreograph a routine with your fellow aerial fanatics.

Stick around at the end of the aerial session, and you may even be invited to join the acrobats as they practice the new moves they've seen in YouTube videos over the course of the week...

Partner Acrobatics
This bunch can be seen performing absolutely anywhere, anytime. Since they require no further equipment beyond a partner and a decent amount of trust, you can catch them hand-standing on someone's shoulders, flipping on someone's feet or just posing in some crazy position in front of some cool landmark anywhere on or off campus. From its simple beginnings as an offshoot of the aerial silks club, partner acrobatics has become a small community on campus. They are no official club at the moment, but they do have regular meetings in the SRC dance studio as well (after silks on Monday & Wednesday, and Thursday, 6:30pm - whenever). However, if those meeting times don't work perfectly for you, don't sweat it! This fun-loving group is very flexible (pun intended) and meets just about whenever, wherever outside of the regular schedule. They will work with you as long as you, too, share an interest in fun, inclusion and adventure.

But maybe partner work isn't really your style, UAF has something for you as well!

Have you ever wondered just how those contortionists on TV can twist their bodies in such insane positions? Or maybe how someone can stay so composed and balanced on a tight-rope (or slackline)? The answer is yoga. Yoga is a great way to steadily get into shape while also maintaining good flexibility. At UAF, multiple yoga classes are offered for all students. There are beginner classes as well as classes for the more experienced yogis. We even have my personal favorite: hot yoga! So if you need a class to calm your nerves, or maybe one to get those abdominal muscles working, UAF has something for you!

So come check us out and help build our circus family!

The complete list of clubs on campus can be found at:

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