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Posted by Lydia

This semester my friend Emmie and I signed up for our first recreation class. The decision was based on being able to see each other during our hectic week and on the side try something new.... so yoga it was. We would be able to spend an hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday together practicing. 

All we needed was a yoga mat and an open mind: our expectation was for the class to revolve around meditation and stretching, but it has been so much more.

Our first class focused on learning the basic poses and "flows" like downward dog and sun salutation. It must have been a funny sight to see us attempt simple balance exercises which resulted in us toppling over. It is important to note that in the first class neither of us could touch our toes! The instructor stressed that in yoga do only as much as you can do. Much to our surprise, by the end of the hour both of us collapsed on our mats exhausted - who knew that yoga was such a workout!

Over the past month and a half, we have learned how to use deep breathing to stay focused throughout the day. Every class ends in shavasana (corpse pose), which is the easiest pose - try it right now! 

Lay on the floor and simply close your eyes and think about nothing. Of course this happens to be my favorite pose and (if done correctly) can take some focus in order to clear your mind.

The instructor told us at the start of the semester that yoga would find a way into each of our lives - when I heard that, I silently chuckled as I couldn't imagine myself taking the time to just sit and focus on my breath. However, I was wrong. I encourage you to look at different classes: who knows what it could teach you. As for me, I am already searching for my "fun class" next semester and will continue to touch my toes every morning!

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