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Every university can boast about their students, faculty, staff, location, etc. But there are some things fairly unique to the University of Alaska Fairbanks that are certainly worth mentioning. So I have compiled a list of 30 things that UAF does/has that not every university does for your reading pleasure!

Not Every University...

1. Has a School of Management that boasts 100% job placement rate for undergraduates that complete their Accounting Degree, and the College of Engineering and Mines has nearly that same job placement rate for all undergraduates who complete a degree. 

2. Has 7 different types of Engineering Degrees-- Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Computer Engineering. They also have a Computer Science Degree.

3. Has a ski and snowboard terrain park. Ours is conveniently located close to the Student Recreation Center, and there is a program on campus where you can rent gear to use both on and off campus (Outdoor Adventures). More information here.

4. Has a brand new dining facility (just finished this fall!) called Dine49, plus a brand new cafe with extended hours, Arctic Java.

5. Has an office specifically designed to promote volunteerism and leadership (the Leadership Involvement and Volunteer Experience office, which we call LIVE). 

6. Has on campus housing specifically for people who want to live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle (the Sustainable Village).

7. Not only gives students an opportunity to graduate with Leadership Honors, but also has a Leadership Minor.

8. Has a shuttle system with a heated waiting area for students wanting a ride to a different part of campus.

9. Has a student ID that doubles as a bus pass for the city bus system.

10. Gives their students free passes to D I and D II sports.

11. Has on campus student housing available for 365 days a year.

12. Has an expansion of the engineering building in the works that will result in a LEED Silver Certification for Green Building Standards, and connect the College of Engineering and Mines with the Bunnell building, which houses the School of Management.

13. Has over 100 active student clubs and organizations, with the opportunity for anyone to start a new one every semester.

14. Organizes buses to drive students almost 300 miles to watch their hockey team play their biggest rivals in the Governer's Cup hockey match at the end of March. This takes place during Winter Carnival, one of our three Nanook Traditions (Starvation Gulch, Winter Carnival, and SpringFest).

15. Has an on-campus pub that, due to its strict ID checking policy and the fact that it only serves beer and wine, reduces the instances of drunk driving, and provides a safe environments for students of age to drink.

16. Has (as of 2013) an 11:1 student to faculty ratio.

17. Has instituted a program that provides a study group leader to the traditionally more difficult classes. We call them Supplemental Instructors, and they are present in many science classes.

18. Has an office dedicated to helping students get started/fund undergraduate research. It's called the Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities office.

19. Has a  university owned rocket launch station (Poker Flats), which is sponsored by the Geophysical Institute under contract to NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.

20. Houses the Alaska Interior Medical Education Summit, which is a full day of panels and presentations on different careers paths after college for anyone interested in the medical field.

21. Hosts a week long, campus wide Humans Versus Zombies game that any student of UAF is welcome to join.

22. Has a community of people who choose to live without water in "dry cabins".

23. Has every piece of literature ever written on Alaska Native Languages.

24. Has housing specifically for students from rural areas of Alaska, called the Eileen Panigeo MacLean House.

25. Has an outdoor rock climbing wall that, in the winter, is turned into an ice climbing wall.

26. Has Battleship as an intramural sport. In Battleship, teams are in canoes in the on campus pool, and they attempt to capsize other teams by dumping buckets of water in their canoes.

27. Has a Global Class Ice-Capable Research Vessel, the R/V Sikuliaq.

28. Has claims to mineral deposits throughout the state.

29. Has a tradition where teams build massive structures out of pallets, and then school officials light those structures on fire. We call it Starvation Gulch. We also have two other traditions, Winter Carnival and SpringFest. Winter Carnival is basically a huge weekend of fun, packed with games, competitions, and a trip to Governer's Cup (see number 14). SpringFest is a weekend where we get Friday off from school, and have all sorts of activities--including a concert--to go to! We love our Nanook Traditions!

30. Has the 40 Below Club, where students pose in bathing suits in front of the temperature sign when it reads -40F.

There are so many more unique things about UAF! I definitely encourage all prospective students to email a Student Ambassador with questions, or just to get to know more about the campus. If possible, come learn more amazing facts on a tour! 

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