Ally Week

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What is an Ally? 

Now you may have heard of the term ally, but what exactly does that mean? 
The definitions may vary but one decidedly stands out among the rest.  

"A person who associates with or cooperates with another; a supporter" 

And that is what being an ally means, supporting or cooperating with someone despite your differences and working towards a more just and peaceful world. 

Now hopefully this basic definition helps you realize what an ally is, but you might still be pondering on why exactly you should be one, and if so how you can be one. 

Now the why question is actually pretty simple to answer, it's nice when people treat you well, right? And it's not nice when people disrespect you, agreed? So the reason you might consider being an ally is that if you are one you will be treating people in a respectful manner. 

How can you be an ally?
(courtesy of UAF GSA group)

Simple, treat people with respect regardless of their differences or who they are. Simply understand that people are people. Now this week from the October 13th-17th is Ally week, and GSA is putting on various events throughout the week that present a wide variety of information regarding how to be an ally and how to understand the LGBTQ+ community.  

I hope everyone will consider attending some of the events going on this week, and if you attend 6 or more events and get your punch cards signed you can enter a drawing for prizes. GSA is tabling today and Tuesday and we will be distributing punch cards and giving out information as to what the events entail. Punch cards must be signed by Brandy Floures, Zoey Kohrt, or the guest speaker of each event. 
Hope people can make it, and remember to be kind to one another.

Sage Tixier. 

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