Zombies! Humans! Nerf Guns! OH MY!

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The third annual Humans v. Zombies game at UAF has come a little early this year. While it’s usually held in the spring, the Mod. Squad has decided that separating the snow and ice from running would be a better idea.

Set to begin on September 28 and finish with a big finale on October 4, Humans v. Zombies is keeping its usual week-long game and will only be happening once a year.

Humans are required to keep an orange cloth in between their shoulder and elbow to signify that they are humans, and zombies are required to wear orange cloth around their heads. The game is played by beginning with a set number of Original Zombies (or OZs for short) who do not have to wear headbands for the first 24 hours of game-play. Humans are encouraged to play out in the open so that the infection can be simulated successfully.

In order to turn a human into a zombie, a zombie must make physical contact with a human, much like the simple tap in a game of tag. The humans must then give their Human Identification Number to the zombie so that the zombie may input the tag into hvzsource, signifying that they have fed. If a zombie goes without feeding (i.e., getting a tag) for 48 hours, then the zombie will be turned into a corpse and will no longer be able to play. Thankfully, when getting a tag, you are able to share your feed with up to 2 other people.

Of course humans have a way to defend themselves from zombies, and that is by carrying around unmodified Nerf Guns, using marshmallow guns, or clean, balled up socks. While zombies do not die by being hit with these “weapons”, they are stunned for 15 minutes in standard game-play, or for 5 minutes in mission game-play, giving the human plenty of time to escape to safety.

Special missions that award prizes and power-ups happen every day for both human and zombie enjoyment. Of these power-ups you will find cures (turning zombies back to humans), stem-packs (making a tag not count), and the Witch upgrade (a Witch is a third-party that goes after both humans and zombies).

The players of HvZ have helped build it into not only a fun game, but a successful Residence Life program. In its first year, HvZ was awarded April Program of the Month, as well as Program of the Year. The game, played by just under 300 students in the past two years, has the purpose of getting students out and about campus to have fun, run around, and gain a sense of community amongst themselves. At the end of each game, a celebration known as the Apocalypse Party will be held in the Hess Rec. Center at MBS, this year on October 5.

Registration began on September 17, and tables will be held on Monday and Friday from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and on Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. All tables will be held at the MBS Lobby on upper campus.

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