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Winter break… Ah what a lovely time of year! The month off is a time to decompress after finals. Its also a time for adventure, family and relaxation. Some people chose to head off on vacations in warmer climates like Mexico or Hawaii, some go to visit family and some stay in Alaska and spend the time enjoying the great outdoors or just hanging out at home.

Daffy Duck at Six Flags
This winter break I was lucky enough to get to do a little bit of all three. I spent 5 days in San Antonio with some of my family. We did everything from enjoy the river walk to painting pictures (I am most definitely not a painter, nor would I consider myself artistic) to screaming our heads off on the roller coasters at Six Flags. The painting and Six Flags were probably my favorite activities. Six Flags was naturally an adrenaline and fun filled day. We rode every one of the big roller coasters, some of them twice. Every time I got off one, my legs were all shaky and my heart was beating out of my chest, but it was so. much. fun. Also most of the Looney Tunes characters were around the park and we had a Daffy Duck encounter. Naturally I had to get my picture with Daffy, but I had to scrunch down a bit (at his request) so I wouldn’t be taller than him. 
Painting at Pinot's Palette

One night the girls, my mom, aunt and I,all went to a cute little art studio called Pinot’s Palette. Their catchphrase is “Paint. Drink. Have fun.” People, like my mom, aunt and I, show up to the studio with refreshments and snacks, if you so choose. A local artist is there to walk people through how to paint a predetermined piece. We had a blast! There were all ages at the studio and everyone had fun. The painting part was much easier than expected, thank goodness. Probably the coolest thing, was everyone’s painting turns out a little bit different. 

After San Antonio the adventure continued to Yuma, Arizona. We were there to visit my grandparents. Coincidentally our trip there was over New Years. So we rang in the New Year with the 80 year olds. We danced the night away, two step, waltz and polka. Amazingly, everyone stayed up until midnight, when hugs and happy new years were exchanged. Yuma was beautiful and sunny! We basked in the sun some and enjoyed fresh citrus right off the tree. Yum!

Chihuly Art
After Yuma it was off to Phoenix, Az for the last leg of our trip. It was lovely and sunny there too! We spent our last day in the sun exploring the Desert Botanical Gardens. Throughout the gardens there were Chihuly glass art pieces. The combination of the two made for excellent photography. Plus the wildlife in the gardens, was a special treat.

Finally I’m ending my break at home. I’ve been cramming in trips to hit the slopes at Alyeska, while still spending time with my mom and dad. Also sneaking in a ride or two on my horse. Overall its be a lovely break!

I hope all of you readers out there have had a great break, whatever you chose to do! It’s back to school here soon. I can’t wait to see everyone and their smiling faces. Happy last few days of winter break. :)

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