Top 10 Study Spaces on Campus

Posted by Denali and Valerie
I know what you're is just a place to have fun, play games, and meet some great people. However, there's always school inevitably mixed in with all the other amazing activities!
School can be challenging. Studying is important, especially if you're having trouble with a class. To help, Denali and I will take you on a photo tour of campus, showing you the top 10 places for studying on campus!

10. Language Lab: ¿no comprendes?
The language lab, located on the 6th floor of the Gruening building, is a fantastic resource if you're learning a foreign language. It is equipped with computers, dictionaries, free printing, and most importantly tutors that can help you with your homework!
PROS: everybody is really friendly, and always willing to help you out!
CONS: everybody is so interesting you may get distracted talking to them instead of doing your homework!

9. Library: all dem books.

The library has a ton of places to study, and tons of resources too! With over 1.75 million items, it's the largest library in the state of Alaska! There are tons of nooks and crannies you can hide in and study (or even hibernate). After hours? The Library has a 23-hour study lounge so you can pull an all-nighter to get that project done!

PROS: Quiet and free of distractions

CONS: Quiet is good for sleep.....zzzzzzzzzzz