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 Posted by Grace

German Club, gathered for a Thursday night meeting.
One of my favorite things about UAF is the abundance of clubs to choose from. I'm the kind of person who enjoys being busy. There's clubs that help you learning things like German, knitting, or juggling, clubs to play like Live Action Role Playing or Chess, clubs to keep fit like Parkour, clubs to compete in competitions like Model United Nations and Steel Bridge...the possibilities are endless.

Clubs are a great place to meet people who share interests. I recently joined German Club - they're awesome! I have a bunch of people I can practice German with whenever I see them, which gives us a way to get to know each other. We do fun activities like playing German Mad Libs and baking German treats. 

Clubs can also be a good resume builder, especially competitive ones. I've been on a few in the past, but the only one I'm on now is Model United Nations. We'll be participating in a United Nations Simulation in New York City this Spring! I can't wait. Model United Nations is a club where we study current events, writing resolutions, fundraising, and diplomacy. It's a great club for anyone interested in international affairs, or who just wants to learn a little more.

These are just things I'm interested in- if I haven't mentioned something you want to do, don't fret! If you still haven't seen a club or two your interested in after the Student Organizations Fair your freshman year, start your own! I've done that a couple of times. I started the student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the UAF Debate Team. The paperwork is a little annoying, but if its something you're interested in doing, its worth it. The Wood Center has plenty of advertising suggestions, and you get a certain amount of design done for free.

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