First official club meeting with/as brand new officers!

Posted by Bruce

Ever feel nervous about becoming involved in a club/organization?
Well... I myself become a brand new leader of "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" or widely known as the acronym "IEEE". There are also, 3 other brand new officers, making it a whole new generation.

Short detail about IEEE:
IEEE is an worldwide organization for Electrical Engineers and it gives many opportunities for students and professionals to learn about what is going on in today's technological world and be up to date on the latest research. One of the main things about IEEE is that it can offer scholarships and networking opportunities. If interested, you can learn more about it at

UAF classes started on Sept 5th, 2013 and campus is in full swing. Our first officer meetings didn't happen till the third week of school on Thursday or Friday due to scheduling and conflicts but... our IEEE student meetings are supposed to be held the last week (or fourth week in this case) of each month on either Tuesday or Thursday. Our guest speaker has said they only had time to come on Tuesday. We were scrambling to get things organized and planned with a very constraint amount of time.

We were feeling nervous at first to how this meeting would turn up thinking, how many people that we reached out to will come? Will we have enough pizza to feed everybody who comes? Will our speaker actually be there as promised? Will we have done a good job in reaching out to students to come and keep continuing to join us in the future?

All of these questions arise in our heads as we prepare for our first meeting, but...

On September 24, 2013 the IEEE club has had its first meeting this semester with four brand new officers that were selected at the end of spring semester 2013. The meeting has had a great turn out of about 35+ electrical engineering students and couple other disciplines. Room 341 was full, and when I mean full.... these classrooms are not very big like an auditorium. But judging from my previous experience in going to the meetings before I became an officer, usually of about 20 students or less would attend the meetings in the middle of the semester. Everybody was able to get their pizza, and we had just enough for everybody that showed up. People were enjoying their time as we did our introduction, and I was able to get some great feedbacks that we did a good job.The guest speakers from Tesoro did an awesome job in presenting information to those that were present at the meeting. Information such as internships, what Tesoro does, what an individual can do working for them, and any other questions asked were answered.

I am hoping that the we can maintain the amount of students that showed up before and hope to go beyond what the previous leaders  have done in growing the club and ourselves. I believe if the team is willing to make a good effort in reaching the goals, then anything could be possible without worries.

What can a student get when becoming involved in a student club/organization?  I would like to think, what ever you want to make most of it. Depending on the club/organization, one can get involved with the school community, city community, projects, have guest speakers, fundraisers, travel, networking, leadership skills, and an endless amount of ideas.



VRLeque said...

Hi, Bruce.

My name is Vika. I'm president of Japan-Alaska Club. We met a while ago at the club training. Right now, I'm trying to help the Japanese exchange students join clubs so they can make new friends and practice English.

I have two students involved in engineering. The undergraduate student is majoring in civil engineering, and the graduate student studies both hydraulic engineering, and soil (?) engineering. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss when it comes to engineering and the clubs available.

I was wondering if you could help me find them clubs? Do you think IEEE would be of interest to them. If not, can you give me any recommendations for them?

Thank you!

Bruce Lee said...

Hey Vika, its nice to see your post. I do remember meeting with your during the club training.

I'm sorry I was not able to get to you right away, I have been extremely busy lately... Unfortunately they don't send out a message that I had a post...

Anyhow... if you send me an email at I can further work with you there. I personally do not know of civil engineering clubs, but I do know of an activity they may be able to participate in.

1) Civil Engineers I believe work on the ice arc during the spring semester and I may be able to find the right contact for that if you need that.

2) I can also speak to a civil engineering student to find out more information on activities and clubs specific to there degree.

Again, please email me at or leave me your email and I will get back to you ASAP, or for sure before the end of the semester.


Bruce Lee said...

I forgot to mention, IEEE is generally for electrical engineering students and am not sure if it would at all interest a civil student. So, no I don't think IEEE would be of interest to them.

Gracie said...

As a Civil Engineer myself, your best option is ASCE, which meets most Thursdays at 1pm. They do the Ice Arch and Steel Bridge.

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