Winter Fun

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Winter is coming...

Inevitably, we must accept that winter will arrive, the cold will try its best to keep us inside and we will try our best to fight it. Whether you are living on or off campus, UAF offers hundreds of activities to distract you from the cold. 

Over 150 clubs on campus allow students to pack every free moment with an extracurriculur if they so desired. Intramural sports pick up a few weeks into each semester to keep everyone active. Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) welcomes all the student involvement that it can get. The Sun Star, UAF's student newspaper, accepts students from all majors as writers, editors and photographers. The UAF Drama Department hosts auditions for plays throughout the school year and during summer sessions without giving preference to drama students. This is a place where you can do anything and everything.

This week, the process of signing up for the first session of intramurals is wrapping up. Students will be forming teams to play anything from broomball to water polo. Captains will be meeting tonight and games will start next week. Unlike the sponsored Nanook games, few people will spectate at an intramural game, especially the midnight broomball matches. Instead, the game is strictly for the players and the scores only matter when they're remembered. Intramurals are all about the activity and being able to play whatever sport you want to play. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

I'm no athlete but I'll play anything I can understand the rules to. I have unintentionally defended a broomball goal with my head (I was wearing a helmet) more than I have with the actual "broom."

Maybe you're not the type of person to get involved in a competitive team sport though, but like the idea? You can still get a group together and play  Student Recreation Center will allow students to reserve courts for games such as polo, volleyball, tennis, soccer and more.

Choose your sport, make a group and have some fun!

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