On the EDGE: Arti-Con

         I'll admit it. I have a Pikachu sticker on the back of my laptop. Not just any sticker of the little adorable electric mouse, mind you—he's smack dab in the middle, munching on the apple that declares my computer to be a Mac, with the most content, innocent look I've ever seen on that character's face. It's not very professional (I've imagined myself trying to give presentations to a room of employers with this computer now, with humorous results), but it's unique. It's fun. It's a symbol of fond memories, and a way to further express myself.

       That concept is the foundation of all geek-dom right there. Keep in mind, “geek” has
transcended the state of being an insult—if anything, nowadays, it's just a term to describe our culture. “Geek” simply means having vested interest in a particular thing, and knows about it very well. This interest can be anything—television series, movies, book series, games, as well as anime and manga. Some critics attribute this “interest” to “obsession”....I say it's not that shallow. These interests are more than violence and pretty people—even the most ridiculous and outlandish anime often presents deep, uncomfortable questions about human nature that you would usually find in a stern English class. Geeks are considered smart for a reason; they just have fun at the same time. Not only that, but they're free of the social constructs that tell them to calm down—they're allowed to get passionate and excited about what interests them. It's almost expected of them. They get to be unique while also being part of a community, to explore without hesitation, to question and laugh simultaneously, to express themselves as colorfully and shamelessly as they desire.

        I know, I know. Why is the RA rambling about geeks? Because, starting April 5th, we have a brand new event called Arcti-Con. This event, hosted by the hard-working EDGE staff, is meant to be a convention for its residents on campus. Lasting from April 5th to April 13th, this event will contain lots of the usual convention workshops, as well as throwing in some of EDGE's twists—anime workshops, Miyasaki movies, manga exchanges, and more. As the event progresses, I plan to write on the process of hosting Arti-Con, because the amount of blood, sweat, tears, tape and paperwork put into this type of event is enormous. However, as the event starts to flesh out, those results will be more than worth it. After all, no one said being a geek was easy, now, were they?

  • April 5—Cosplay Ball, 7pm
  • April 6—“Intro to Anime” Workshop, 3pm
  • “Miyasaki Movie Night”, 5pm
  • April 7—“Video Games—Are They Art?”, 9pm
  • April 8—Music Mixing Workshop, 7pm
  • April 9—“Coffee N Comics”
  • April 10—“How to Draw”, 4pm
  • Cosplay Human Chess, 7pm
  • April 11—Superhero Pictionary, 7pm and BATMAN! 9:30pm
  • April 12—Video Game Tournament, 7pm
  • April 13—Table Top Game Tournament, 7pm

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