Who got the cup? We got the cup!!

The Governor’s cup is ours once again, 4 years in a row. “Gov Cup” as we call it, is one of the most exciting events for UAF students and hockey fans from around the Fairbanks community. Not only does it signal the start of spring, but Gov Cup is a rivalry game between UAF and University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA).

The first game was held at the Carlson Center on Friday March 1st. Students, including myself, showed up an hour and a half early to ensure that they could get good seats. My friends and I ended up with seats that were right on the ice, in the middle of the student section. We painted our faces while we waited for the game to start, and got pumped!

The lights dimmed and the introductions began… Seniors first. Thompson, Henderson, Granberg, Yaremchuck, Odegard, and finally Taranto. The crowd went nuts for every senior. We love our seniors!

Finally after all the introductions were made, it was time for some NANOOK HOCKEY!!!! We won the first game in an overtime thriller 2-1. The student section and the entire Carlson Center went wild, with students screaming and jumping around! It was awesome… But we all knew to win the cup we had to defeat UAA in Anchorage the following day.

Saturday rolled around and UAF students loaded on to 2 tour buses for the trip down to Anchorage. The trip took about 7 hours, but once we arrived we were all ready to cheer on our Nanook hockey team! We got to the game with about an hour to spare.. We again painted our faces and sported our Blue and Gold!

The puck dropped and not 8 seconds later the Nanooks had their first goal! No one could believe it! The UAF student section went crazy! The rest of the first period passed with some intense hockey but, no goals until there was only 2.5 seconds left! Boom, goal for the Nooks!

The second period started and again intense hockey ensued. Nanooks scored, now 3-0. The goal was answered by UAA, score now 3-1. The rest of the game passed with no more goals… With one minute left the UAF student section got to their feet cheering, “Who got the cup?” with more students responding “We got the cup!”

The team hit the ice for a group celebration, then the cup was presented. Our seniors all got their picture with the cup and a lap around the ice in front of the student section. Finally it was time for the team picture, with the cup in front of all the cheering students. After the pictures were complete several of the players threw themselves against the glass to the cheers of the UAF students.

4peat!! All the players and coaches, backed by all the UAF students that made the trip to Anchorage.

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