Spring Inside Out

    The greatest get-to-know-UAF event is InsideOut. It is a really fun way to see the campus, and all things relevant, especially in the Spring. The sun is always shining and snow might be melting.
    Parents and students both share some aspects of the experience, but there are certain parent-only and student-only sessions that are offered throughout the day. Some of the fun events that constitute the day are: mock classes, walking tours, learning about the admission process, learning about the study-abroad process, and a student panel where you can ask questions you may have to current students.
    The whole event costs nothing (except for your travel and accommodations), and coffee and tea are provided in the morning, while lunch is provided around noon. You can see the full schedule of events, as well as find out how to register here: http://www.uaf.edu/admissions/insideout/.
    But, really, the highlight of the whole event is the campus tour. Fun guides (who are usually students) take your around to see everything, within an hour and a half, they will also fill you in on important information you’ll want to know about campus life. The tours are cohesive and jam-packed... sometimes it is hard to come up with any questions afterwards.
    So, join a bunch of cool peeps at UAF for a day on Friday, March 8th, and see what our stove's got cookin'!

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