Spring Inside Out 2013

It’s that time of year again! Spring Inside Out is just around the corner (Friday, March 8th to be exact!) and the Office of Admissions and the Registrar, and all of the Student Ambassadors are getting ready to host students and give them an in-depth look at what attending UAF is actually like!

Inside Out is for anyone interested in learning more about UAF and experiencing all of college life: from the classes, to financial aid information, campus tours, and even attending presentations on getting out of Fairbanks and studying abroad! You can register online now at http://www.uaf.edu/admissions/insideout/register/.

The day begins at 8:15am with Check-In and Registration, and is followed by a quick welcome before you start your day of exploring UAF. At 9:15 there are multiple Mock Classes you can attend depending on your interests and potential area of study. While you get the chance to go to experience what a college class is like, your parents get to listen to special presentation on Transitioning to College, and how to deal with the big changes coming up in your lives! After your class is finished, the Walking Campus Tours begin. They will take you through various academic buildings, a quick trip through the dorms, and also to look at some of the non-academic recreational buildings on campus like the Student Rec Center, the Patty Center, and the Wood Center.

Once you get back from your tour, your schedule becomes more flexible and you get to choose how to spend your afternoon! We have lunch at the Lola Tilly Commons, visits to the Honors House, Bookstore, and the Student Art Gallery, and also a walk through of the Admissions Process for anyone interested.

At 1:15 there is a Study Abroad presentation that will give you more information if you think you might want to attend a semester or year of school somewhere other than UAF. They will have information on both International Study Abroad programs, as well as the National Student Exchange program.

At 2:00pm you will once again get to split up from your parents and sit in on a UAF Student Panel where you can ask any questions you might have to out Student Ambassador Representatives! At the same time as the Student Panel, your parents get to sit in on their own panel with the different departments on campus such as Residence Life, Financial Aid, Admissions, Student Services, and the Business Office.

At 3:00 the day will end with the Grand Finale, and a better understanding of UAF as well! If you are even contemplating attending UAF, this would be a valuable event to attend! After spending a full day on campus you will gain a better perspective of UAF and what an awesome school it is! We hope to see you there!

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