Dancing at UAF

Dance is awesome.  It’s a good opportunity to meet new people, a world-recognized flirting technique, a fun physical activity, and a talent worth showing off.  And, guess what the best part is?  There are tons of dance classes offered at UAF and in the Fairbanks community!  Ballroom, middle-eastern, hip-hop, break dancing, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and modern are the dance styles available through UAF, each with varying levels of difficulty/experience.  The beginning classes are great for students with no experience or those who want a refresher, intermediate allows for continuation of development, and advanced, while awesome, rarely has enough students to actually run the class.  UAF even provides events to show off your skill, with Residence Life and SAO hosting multiple dances every semester and the SpringFest dance performance every April!

But UAF isn’t where the dancing ends!  There is a community ballroom dance club that hosts regular social dances as well as having classes in specific styles of ballroom.  There are contra dances twice per month that are open to the public where beginners are encouraged and taught along the way (Facebook for contra: Contra Borealis Dancers).  Dance Theatre Fairbanks offers a variety of classes and puts on at least one ballet performance every semester.  Boston’s has salsa and latin dance nights.  There are performances at various clubs/bars here, though you have to be 21 to watch those.
All in all, there is a huge variety of dancing opportunities considering our location in the middle of the state of Alaska!  I encourage all to give it a try, it’s a lot of fun!!!

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