Student Blog Series: How UAF is different than my high school experience Pt. 1

     I never realized how college might look to someone still in high school after attending UAF for four years, until one visiting student asked if there was any bullying on campus by other students. This question left me stunned, to think that someone going to college would still be worried about being bullied. I know my experience as a high school student isn’t the same as everyone else’s but you shouldn’t be worried about those experiences transferring to college. The main reason why you are attending college is to receive a degree in your field of interest to pursue a career of your choice, and, if someone is trying to pick on you for whatever reason, they are just wasting their time here. If you feel like you are being bullied by anyone, typically it is handled in one of two ways: 1. Social Coercion, 2. You RA or another Authority.
    Social Coercion is probably the most powerful of the two solutions, because the effect that it has on individuals is strong enough to change their perception of what they are doing and how they might change it. In my dorm, freshman year, I don’t remember any cases of bullying. Besides the two guys that bullied each other (come to find out later that they were good friends that liked to pick on each other). If there was a bully I would imagine they would have a hard time making friends or being accepted by different groups. When someone realizes that what they are doing is not being generally accepted, the human need of interaction should kick in enough to change their socialization from hostile to friendly. When you are thrown in with 400 or so students you don’t know, the trend is that you will be friendly and a little more open when meeting new people.
    An RA or another authority is important as well, especially if it is a larger issue than what I have been talking about. If there is someone harassing you constantly and nothing is changing, go see the RA for your floor and they should help you out. Sometimes it takes someone with the authority of ruining their stay in the dorms to get them to knock it off. With our own campus police it is even more safer to be a student on campus and to keep you focused on your studies rather than someone who is bullying you.

Tune in next week for Pt. 2 of the series in regards to studying!

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