Living on campus!

The perks of living on campus!

In my second year at UAF I chose to live off-campus, and while there are some positive aspects to living off-campus, I will definitely choose the residence halls next semester. With several different halls, UAF provides many options for students looking to stay on-campus. As a freshman I lived in Skarland hall, and had a great time. It was really convenient to live on-campus and be within a five-minute walk of the cafeteria, all of my classrooms and labs, the gym, and I was living in the same building as most of my friends. I got a great deal on my place off-campus, which is why I chose it, and even though it is only a five-minute (or less) drive to most buildings on-campus, it is still incredibly inconvenient to have to drive to and from campus.
 If you’re like me, you love your sleep in the morning, and getting up at 9:05 for a 9:15 class is completely possible if you live on-campus, but not if you have to drive to campus and find parking. Plus, if you really aren’t ready for the day, you can always go take a nap in your dorm room after that 9:15 class, without having to make an extra trip home and back to campus for any other classes you have that day!
Freshmen generally stay in either Moore or Skarland Hall, both located in the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland complex on upper campus. These halls are about a 2-minute walk from the natural sciences building, and 5-minute walk to the campus core where most other classrooms and labs are. They are also about 5-minutes walk from the cafeteria and student recreation center.
Upperclassmen have many more options including the lower campus Lathrop, Stevens, Nerland, and McIntosh halls, as well as Bartlett hall, located in the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex on upper campus, and finally the Cutler apartments which are located on upper campus as well. Additionally, the Cutler apartments are the only popular (among undergraduate students) residences that do not require you to have a meal plan through the university. 

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