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Have you ever walked through a crowd and suddenly felt the sudden urge to dance? Do you ever find yourself schooling everyone else on the dance floor? Perhaps you never have, but today is the day you are going to start. Welcome to the UAF Dance Team, one of my personal favorites in the long, awesome list of student organizations.
Student Organizations are a fantastic way to get involved at UAF. If you have an interest outside (or even inside) of your academics, chances are there is another student with the same interest. There are over 150 active student organizations, ranging everywhere from ‘Alaska Gravity Works’ (they learn how to juggle!) all the way to ‘Ye Olde Doctor Who Society’ (they just watch the best show on television, and relax!). The subjects range from academic societies, like ‘Biomedical Engineering Society’ and ‘Russian Language Club’, to social groups, like ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ and ‘Occupy Fairbanks.’ To help you learn about all of them, there is a Student Organization Fair on February 19th and 20th in the Wood Center. From 11am through 2pm on these days, you will have plenty of time to search for the perfect club!
Student Organization: The Alaska Alpine Club

If for some reason none of these groups fits your fancy, there is any easy fix: start your own! Starting a new Student Organization is as easy as filling out a form. All you need are 10 signatures from people who would support the club, such as other students, staff, and/or faculty. From there, you can hold meetings at UAF, advertise, and let your organization’s dreams run wild.
Student Organization: The Inu-Yupiaq Dance Group

For me, that organization turned out to be the UAF Dance Team. Meeting weekly, we choreograph and perform many different dance types, whatever we all desire. We have performed hip-hop, jazz, and even Middle Eastern dance. We take as many opportunities to perform as we can. Some of us have been dancing for years, some of us just started out! Luckily, we get to move at our own pace, helping each other and learning as we go. Together, we grow as dancers, and just so happen to have tons of entertainment along the way. Our objective is to ‘promote all kinds of dancing, cultural expression, and leadership.’
This is my student organization. What is yours? http://www.uaf.edu/woodcenter/leadership/organizations/

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