The Student Recreation Center

      The Student Recreation Center is one of the most underutilized facilities at UAF.  As student employee of the Rec Center, I get to see first hand how many students are uninformed about our facility. Most students don’t even realize that they have access to the gym, and that they have already paid for it in their fees. Every semester if you are a full time student, that fee is automatically added onto your account. This fee allows you to use not only the SRC, but also the Patty Center pool for both the lap and recreational swim.
            The SRC has many different workout options to give you anything from great overall workout to a specific type of exercise, such as focusing on cardio or building muscle. We have a cardio section with treadmills, spin bikes, computerized stationary bikes, varying ellipticals, and rowing machines. We also have an indoor 1/8 of a mile track that circles the upstairs portion of our facility with three lanes for people walking, running, and passing others.                  
For weights, we have machines that vary from free weights in the downstairs weight room, to Life Fitness resistance machines up by the cardio equipment. We also have a Fitness Studio that was remodeled along with our lobby this summer. The room is completely walled in with large windows, and an entire wall of mirrors. There is a sound system in the studio, as well as an assortment of exercise balls, low weight dumbbells, and BOSU Balls.  When there are no classes going on, the Fitness Studio is open for individual and group use.

There are also three multi-purpose courts available for student use. One court is typically used for pick-up basketball all day, and the other two can be rented out for free by students for volleyball, soccer, cricket, badminton, or any other activity.
In addition to all of these resources, we also have an Indoor Rock Wall and an Outdoor Climbing Tower. Certification for both walls is easily obtained through a quick class, and there are even classes available to further your skill and teach you more about climbing. The Outdoor Tower is a regular Outdoor Wall in the summer, and turned into the Ice Wall during the Winter! Check out Logan’s previous post for more information!

Finally, this year we added a Wellness Coordinator! She is available to answer any fitness or nutrition questions, as well as make appointments to sit down and discuss different strategies for you overall health and wellness. Here at the SRC we like to focus on Individual Health and Wellness, and try to give you a comfortable environment to reach your goals!

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