Series: Living on Campus

            Campus life is one of the most exciting parts of attending UAF! Whether you live in the dorms, student apartments, or family housing, there is always SOMETHING going on. I grew up in the Fairbanks area, and decided that UAF was the place I wanted to be when I graduated high school. At first, I was hesitant about living on campus and being “on my own”.  I worried about who I would be living with, sharing the bathroom with a lot of girls I didn’t know, and what I was going to eat. Little did I know I had absolutely no reason to worry! My roommate was so awesome (I still live with her today!!), the girls on my floor were really nice, and the food at the Tilly Commons (thankfully!) wasn’t as bad as all the horror stories I have heard!
I lived in Moore Hall my freshman year, Bartlett Hall my sophomore year, and this year I live in the Cutler Student Apartment Complex. Over the years I can honestly say that living on campus has made my time here so much more enjoyable. You get the opportunity meet and connect with so many new and interesting people solely because you live in the same place and go to the same events.

Aerial views of Moore, Bartlett, and Skarland Dorms, and the Student Apartment Complex

         Living in the dorms gives you different activities to attend every other week, if not every week. R.A.’s are required to host “programs” that bring the floors together for things like movie nights, tie-dyeing, or even group trips to the store. Not only do these allow you to meet people, but they also give you an opportunity to get out of your dorm and take a much-needed break from your homework! 
Besides the obvious social aspect of living on campus, you also get to experience the convenience of being minutes away from your classes, and the majority of buildings on campus. This is especially helpful for those late-night library cram sessions before finals week. Of course, I’m sure that living off campus has its perks as well, but I would like to see those guys oversleep their alarms and still be able to make it to class on time! 

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