Ice and Rock Climbing at UAF!!

How many college students do you know that can go ice climbing for study breaks? With an outdoor ice climbing wall on campus, that is a unique opportunity all UAF students have.  You don’t even need to own the gear! All the equipment one needs to ice climb is readily available just a few feet away from the roughly 40-foot tower. The tower has three to four top ropes set up, and great features to start ice climbing. If you’ve been to the ice wall and you want to try climbing on real waterfalls, check in with Outdoor Adventures about taking an ice climbing trip to Dragonfly Creek, or even taking the technical ice climbing class, in which they take 4 field trips to ice climbing areas outside of Fairbanks.  Use of the gear is included in the cost of the class and free with the eight dollar day pass if you’re just climbing at the ice tower. But students can’t have all the fun, so the wall is open to faculty and staff for ten dollars a day and the general public for fifteen.  What more could you ask for?

 If you’re a climber, but you don’t feel like getting out on ice, that’s not a problem either! Next door to the ice tower is the SRC, which houses our indoor rock climbing wall. With tons of bouldering routes, and ten top ropes, there is something for climbers of all skill levels. If you’ve never climbed before, but you want to get into it, it is as easy as taking the one hour orientation class for ten dollars. Rock climbing classes are offered every semester at the climbing wall inside the Student Rec Center, and if both rock and ice climbing interest you, there is a class that includes both!

If you are in Alaska, you might as well do some adventuring, right?!
Photos from the Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness website.

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