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Thinking about going to college? There are well over 4,000 universities to choose from- and that’s just in this country. So do you know exactly where you want to go? No? Of course not! This is a big decision, and with so many options, a little guidance can go a long way. As one of your options for education, UAF presents an event that can shed some light on the unknown: Discover UAF: Inside Out for Fall, 2012. Whether you have chosen UAF as your school of choice or not, Inside Out is an opportunity for high school students to get a taste of college life, and for parents to see what their kids are getting into. It is a day on campus, packed with any and all information you might need to know.

8:00am – COFFEE!, Check-In and Registration                                 Come in to the Great Hall for an opportunity to meet with some of the schools and colleges of UAF, as well as some delicious morning snacks.

8:30am – Welcome                                 Join everyone in the Davis Concert Hall to get a taste of what you will experience throughout the day.

9:15am – Take a Class                                 Students will be whisked away to experience what a real college class is like, while parents enjoy an information session on helping their student transition into college life.

10:15am – A Trip Around Campus                                 Head to the Wood Center for the start of a wonderfully informative tour around campus that will show you all the good spots for whatever a student could need.

11:30am – Choose your Own Adventure!                                 Until 1:00pm, YOU get to decide what you want to see on campus. You can head over to the Honors House for a tour; check out the cool clothing in the bookstore; explore the police & fire departments; and/or have a delicious lunch! There is also an admission’s assistance session, and an informational study abroad session! You decide!

1:15pm – Current Students Answer your Questions  Next, there will be a UAF Student Panel, where some of us current students will tell you all about what to expect, where to expect it, and how to handle it. In the meantime, parents will be off learning some of the logistics behind going to college (admissions, financial aid, residence life, and business).

2:30pm – Fun & Games                                 Everyone will regroup in the Wood Center Ballroom to play games and find out how much we learned about college.

3:30pm – One Grand Finale Finally, the Grand Finale will conclude the day’s events in the Wood Center Ballroom.

Come see what this university has to offer and how wonderful college can be. The event is free, and you even get lunch out of it! Register here: http://www.uaf.edu/admissions/insideout/ . Come to campus Friday, October 26th, 8:30am to 5pm, and get every question answered, and possibly every answer you’ve had questioned!

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